In 2006, the Government of Quebec chose to implement an urban agglomeration model to oversee the management of municipal services shared between the new city of Longueuil and the reconstituted cities resulting from municipal demergers (Boucherville, Brossard, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Saint-Lambert).

Ten years later, this agglomeration, imposed by Quebec, still presents major problems in governance and financing.


For over 10 years now, our administrations and citizens have been grappling with the repercussions resulting from the Longueuil Urban Agglomeration.


By comparing the costs our cities pay for various services to those of cities
similar to ours, we see a huge
cost differential.


It is false to claim that our cities want to start the whole municipal demerger process over again. What we want is a change to the existing Agglomeration.